Long Lasting Pavers and Landscape Paving in Frankston

Using high quality pavers for Frankston landscaping projects is essential. You want to be able to trust that your patio, fire pit, retaining wall, and raised garden beds will withstand the extreme weather encountered in the area. To this end, Maberley Landscapes uses only the best blocks for paving in any project.

Our pavers in Frankston are made of concrete, brick, and natural stone. Each of these options offers a specific look and is guaranteed to last for many years to come. There are few things more frustrating than spending money on an inferior product, and you can rest assured you get nothing but the best when you choose Maberley Landscapes for paving in Frankston.

Natural stone such as granite, bedrock, and marble add a sense of sophistication and classical beauty to your property. Brick paths and steps recall rustic fashion and are suitable for those looking to reconnect with yesteryear. Features made of concrete add a modern sensibility to your property and are the perfect choice for city homes.

If you are uncertain of the style you want for your property, Maberley Landscapes can help. We will offer recommendations based on information you provide. Our years of experience of landscape paving in Frankston helps us ensure we will find the right style and material for your outdoor spaces.

Paving in Frankston Just for You

We work closely with all our clients to bring them the best yard possible. We listen to your wants and needs and create a plan accordingly. Our goal is not to tell you what to do to your property, but rather to bring your dream yard to life.
We can build spaces for hedges, flowers, and other flora you might want to plant on your property. We can use a mixture of materials for a unique look or use one material for a more uniform appearance. The choice is yours.

Landscape paving is an excellent way to add character to your Frankston property, and we have several options for you to choose from; we can also help you create a new design plan. We can use our pavers to build retaining walls for raised gardens or added privacy. Wooden steps lined with bricks or stones add visual style to your home while stone water fountains recall days gone by and are lovely additions to any plot of land in Frankston.

Refresh Your Driveway

No one likes coming home to a cracked or uneven driveway, especially after a long day of work. Maberley Landscapes can repair or replace your driveway with the best paving services available in Frankston.

For driveways, we recommend concrete for its versatility and functionality. We start by measuring the path and drawing up a plan for your approval. If you have something beyond a standard drive in mind, let us know, and we will do what we can to create it.

Driveway installation includes removal of your old drive, levelling of the terrain, and pouring and smoothing of the concrete. During the concrete mixing process, we can add colour powder pigment to the material to give your driveway a splash of bright and appealing colour.