Landscaping Services and Garden Construction for the Mornington Peninsula

Do you feel you could get more out of your backyard? More enjoyment, more functionality, more usable space? Maberley Landscapes has spent years helping homeowners do just that – turning their gardens into a space they’ve always dreamed of having. Our top-notch team does landscape and garden construction throughout Mornington Peninsula. You’ll get professional design help and work done by people who really know landscaping. We offer a broad range of landscaping services in Mornington Peninsula, including decking, paving, stone and concrete work, water features, lawns, and of course garden design. We can do it all and create a spectacular yard based on both your needs and your budget. Bring us your dream garden ideas, and we’ll work with you to make it a reality.

Retaining Walls in the Landscaping of your Mornington Peninsula Home

Retaining walls are usually composed of stone, concrete blocks, or brick, and are used for various purposes. A rocky slope becomes more functional when retaining walls are used to create different levels of earth. You may want to expand the flat area of your yard to put in a pool or make more space for the kids to run around. Some people use the newly created flat space for garden beds. You may want retaining walls to prevent erosion and control the flow of rainwater in your yard. Maberley has a great selection of materials to make the retaining walls in the landscaping of your Mornington Peninsula home look perfect. Whether you prefer natural rock or shaped blocks, we have the look you want.

Water Features

Water features can create focal points in your garden and are a popular part of Maberley’s landscaping services on the Mornington Peninsula. Running water adds a touch of elegance and a very distinctive beauty to a carefully designed garden. Nothing is more tranquil or relaxing than enjoying an evening outside with the trickle of water playing in the background. We love to install water features and find them just as much fun to build as they are to hear.

Turf and Artificial Turf

When your lawn just isn’t what you want it to be, Maberley Landscapes can install either real grass turf or artificial turf. Natural grass allows you to “start over” and renews your lawn immediately. It also requires care over the long term. If watering is a concern due to drought or the cost of water, you can achieve a beautiful, functional lawn using artificial turf. Once installed, there is minimal maintenance required. While originally made for sports fields, today artificial turf for residential purposes feels far more natural than it used to feel. Whatever you choose, Maberley has the experience to put it in properly and make it look like it’s always been there. Our landscaping services on the Mornington Peninsula will give you the dream yard you’ve always wanted.

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