Professional Landscaping for Hampton, Burwood, and Surrey Hills Homes

Getting landscaping done is a major undertaking for any homeowner. While some may try to do the work themselves, this is simply not an option or a desire for others. And who can blame them? Great landscaping can be laborious and time-consuming, involving hours of planning and construction, yet the results usually speak for themselves. If you’re a homeowner interested in getting professional landscaping done for your Surrey Hills, Burwood or Hampton home, be sure to read on to see how you can enjoy the fabulous backyard of your dreams alongside Maberley Landscapes without spending a fortune.

Coastal Landscaping Ideas for Hampton Homes

Location is everything when you are considering landscaping for your yard. If you live in Hampton, there’s a good chance that your location is influenced to some degree by the proximity to the bay. Why not incorporate some elements of coastal living into your landscape, and consider plants and site features which reflect this connection to the sea? This could include seagrass furniture or marine artefacts, or a mix of tall spiky succulents with low-growing groundcover. With a little imagination, nearly any yard space in Hampton could be made into a private beach club getaway.

When you contact Maberley Landscapes to transform your yard with our quality landscaping in Hampton, we can work with you to create an outdoors living area which reflects the unique natural setting of this beach neighbourhood. Our professional landscape designer will provide an in-depth understanding of the space and discuss ideas for making the most of its potential within the budget range that you provide.

Great Landscaping for Burwood and Surrey Hills Homes

Professional landscaping in Hampton and other glamorous coastal areas may sound all well and good, but what about Melbourne’s many other enchanting suburbs? Suburban settings such as Burwood and Surrey Hills are known for their fantastic lawns. While many do not give much consideration to the lowly lawn, a landscape designer can work with you to transform this green space into something much more than a patch of grass. With careful planning, you can avoid many common lawn woes such as ragged perimeters or persistent brown spots due to irrigation or drainage issues.

We can also transform a simple backyard space into an elegant and functional garden, complete with additional features such as ponds or walkways. Perhaps you could consider a paved sitting area surrounded by flowers to create a tranquil escape without ever having to leave your property, or a deck the entire family can enjoy. These and other types of landscaping for Surrey Hills and Burwood homes are possible for a wide range of budgets for many clients.

Whether you are doing landscaping for Burwood or you are on the Mornington Peninsula, where we are based, we will always listen to you, the client, and work with you to make sure the results best reflect what you have in mind.

Maberley Landscapes brings our years of residential and commercial landscaping design experience into every job we do. Let us work with you to convey the potential of your space, no matter where you are on the Mornington Peninsula or greater Melbourne area.